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Dear All
We make every effort to form their person to make them ABLE, CAPABLE and EMPLOYABLE citizens of this country. The ways we teach, and the ways our students learn centre around the core ideal: forming men and women for others...
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Dear Friends,
I am happy to welcome every one from all walks of life and all parts of the world to be a part of SMD School, In the context of commercialization of education in India, we stood for Values and for the empowerment of the poor. At the moment there are sizable of number of first generation students from the rural s studying in SMD school.
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SMD School Soura Established in Year 1973, owner of the school Mohd Ashraf Khan Says , the Warmth Emanated from every corner of the classroom , the freemdom experienced on the playground, the respect given to other forms of life an attractive and spacious play ground adding to the liveliness of the environment is the scene you will witness at SMD Soura...
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Our aim is to send graduates into the wider world prepared to pursue their ambitions and enact the values and qualities expressed in the school motto Reach Out, Reach High, Reach Beyond..

provides students with superior educational opportunities in a caring, well-structured and supportive environment. Our general focus is to develop young people of high academic caliber, integrity, social conscience, warmth and courage..

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